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Rievtech Warranty Terms


Based on the Government Decree 151/2003 (IX.22), we undertake a one-year warranty for the products sold on under the following conditions. Products purchased in person in the online store and in the service center are subject to the same warranty conditions.


Warranty period

Products purchased have a 1-year warranty period. In the case of a replacement product, we again provide a 1-year warranty from the receipt of the product.

Range of products

The 1-year warranty applies to all products sold under the same conditions.


Ways to enforce the warranty

Defective product can be reported by e-mail by phone and in person at the following contacts -> Contact
When reporting a defect, a warranty card, invoice, and an accurate description of the defect are required.
After identification, a replacement product or a refund can be requested.
The replacement product will be mailed on that day and no postage will be charged to the buyer.
Refunds will be refunded within 30 days.

Important information

Defective product must be returned to the service center for the warranty to be valid. The postage of this is always borne by the buyer.


When the warranty is not valid

In the event of breakage or physical damage, we will not be able to enforce the warranty.


Duration of the warranty

After the error is reported, the replacement product will be mailed on the given business day.

What you need to validate your warranty

The warranty card, invoice and exact description of the defect are required to validate the warranty.
We are unable to replace a lost warranty card. Any subsequent correction, deletion or rewriting of false data on the warranty card will invalidate the warranty card.