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647 EUR (509 EUR + VAT)
Power supply: RPS-60-S24
Programming and communication cable: RS232
Industrial switch: 5 ports
Model: 029
Manufacturer: Rievtech
Shipping fee: 3 EUR
Availability: In stock
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Rievtech RS232 Communication Cable (PLC - HMI) Rievtech RS232 Communication Cable (PLC - HMI)
36 EUR (28 EUR + VAT)



PLC adatlap>>>


- Input: 12 pcs Digital 12-24 V + 2 pcs Analog (I5-I6) 0 / 4-20mA or 6 pcs Digital + 6 pcs Analog (0-10V) + 2 pcs Analog (I5-I6) 0 / 4- 20mA + Fast counter input (I9-IC) up to 60 KHz
- Output: 6 pcs Digital (10A) relay + 2 pcs Transistor (PNP) 0.3A Speed ​​counter output (Q7-Q8) PWM 10kHz + 1 pc Analog output (Q9) 0-10V or 0 / 4-20mA
- Built-in RS485 Port

Időzítő: 1024
Counter: 1024
Function block: 1024
Operating temperature: -20 ° C to + 55 ° C
Storage temperature: -40 ° C to + 70 ° C
Protection: IP20
RTC accuracy: MAX ± 2S / day
RTC Backup at 25 ° C: 20 days
Program and settings Backup: 10 years
Data shutdown delay: 10 years
Dimensions: 95 * 90 * 55 (Unit, mm)
Certification: CE
To change parameters on the LCD with the keyboard: yes
Mounting: 35 mm DIN rail or screw
Expandable: 16 modules (PR-E-16)
Password protection: Disable 4-digit password protection or program upload function
Communication interface: TTL interface, 1 Program / RS232 port
Communication protocol: Modbus RTU / ASCII

Free software


HMI datasheet>>>

- Processor: Cortex A8 600 MHz CPU, Flash: 128 Mb, RAM: 128 Mb DDRAM

- Size: 7"
- Resolution: 1024 x 600
- LCD: Multi-touch kapacitív
- Colors: 24-bit

- Serial port: Com 1: RS232 / RS485 / RS422 Com 2 / Com 4: RS485 Com 3: RS232
- Programming: Ethernet vagy USB
- Ethernet: 1 x 10 / 100Mb
- USB: 1 x USB 2.0

Data storage:
- Flash 128 Mb
- SD card
- Accessing data via FTP

Free development environment
- Offline simulation
- Built-in VNC server

Rievtech's new RTS display series can be used cost-effectively for display tasks.
As an enhancement to the RTS series, a number of new features have been added, such as pdf display, QR code generation, FTP client function and VNC client.

The 24 million color color touch screen provides a user-friendly interface with a free programming environment. The program can be downloaded via microUSB or Ethernet port. The display can also be used as a VNC server, so the display content can not only be displayed with a client program, but depending on the setting, it can even be used for intervention. Client programs are available for different platforms, PCs or mobile devices, be it Android or iOS operating systems. Multiple clients can be connected to one display at a time. The displays provide not only the possibility to display and intervene, but also to collect data.
The display can also be used for Modbus TCP / IP master or Modbus TCP / IP slave communication via the Ethernet port.

The universal recipe management functions, which are already familiar with universal displays, are also available, with the help of which several different parameters can be operated easily. Recipes can even be stored on a USB memory, so they can even be edited from a computer. Recipes can also be displayed, edited directly from the display, downloaded to the PLC or read from there.

An essential part of modern controls is the management and saving of alarms, whether on an HMI, USB memory or SD card. Alarms can be triggered by various predefined events, which can be divided into levels according to their importance. Those at the lowest level only inform the operator when the event has occurred, while those at the highest level can even stop control. Alarms can be acknowledged, acknowledgments can be logged, as can other user events.

rievtech hmi és PLC gyártók

Sizes: 185,1 x 131,1 x 30 mm

Cutout size: 178 x 125 mm


Power supply:


230V AC / 24V DC 2,5A 60W

RS232 Programming and communication cable:

RS232 programozó és kommunikációs kábel

Hasonló termékek

PLC és HMI oktató szett tartalma:

1 db PR-12DC-DA-R-N Ethernet PLC
1 db RTS7070WE Érintőképernyős kijelző, HMI
1 db RPS-60-24 Tápegység
1 db 5 portos switch
1 db Kismegszakító
2 db LAN kábel
​1 db DC-DC konverter
1 db Tartó konzol sínekkel és wago-kkal
1 db Betápkábel

In stock
625 EUR (492 EUR + VAT)

Power supply: RPS-60-S24
Programming cable: USB (PLC)
Programming and communication cable: RS232 (PLC-HMI)


In stock
474 EUR (373 EUR + VAT)

PLC oktató szett tartalma:

1 db PR-12DC-DA-R-N Ethernet PLC
1 db RPS-60-24 Tápegység
1 db Kismegszakító
1 db Tartó konzol wago-kkal
1 db Betápkábel

In stock
370 EUR (292 EUR + VAT)
Power supply: DC12-DC24V
Expandable: Yes (16 pcs PR-E)
LCD: Yes
Input: 12 pcs (of which 6 analog 0-10V)
Output: 6 relays
In stock
210 EUR (165 EUR + VAT)